Mankind is at an existential crossroads––environmental collapse, economic and institutional breakdown, and civilizational ruin. Its cause stems from one profoundly mistaken premise––that we are separate. Every problem we seek to solve from this premise leads us further into decline. A new narrative is required, that parts with our legacy of separation with nature, and is informed instead by our intrinsic belonging to it. This narrative calls on us to take our rightful place alongside all living beings to access our deepest wisdom, our most innovative solutions, our greatest intelligence, and our most powerful possibilities for contemporary times.

A legend has been told since the beginning of time, across multiple indigenous and First Nations cosmologies around the world, that gives us a key to our successful passage through this crossroads.

The Promise is a short documentary film that crosses America, tracing this ancient legend as author, entrepreneur and outdoors-woman Kelly Wendorf gathers stories from Native storytellers and interviews from academics and scientists. The film will evidence the symptoms of humanity out of balance––the plight of our most precious national treasures: public lands, wild horses and our indigenous peoples. Yet, there is a new way forward with nature as our teacher.

Inspired by Kelly Wendorf’s book, Flying Lead Change: 56 Million Years of Wisdom for Leading and Living and the truly transformational professional coaching of EQUUS Coach Faculty.